1. Our Promise to you
We will aim to assist you to remain in your own home as we believe it is important to your emotional and physical health.
We will aim to provide you with a regular carer as consistency of staff allows for a friendly relationship and for trust to be built. With your consent we will encourage and develop close relationships with your family, friends and social networks as we believe this is essential for a good quality of life.
We will always aim to involve you in key decisions about your care, as we believe this gives you re-assurance about your future.

2. How we will keep our Promise
We will only provide you with competent, trained, experienced staff.
We will always be available to discuss your care needs.
We will continue to invest in our care staff to ensure they provide you with Good quality care.
We will deliver the care how you want it to be provided.

3. What we can offer you
We offer good quality, affordable care & support , which includes:
Assistance with all your Personal hygiene care needs.
Support with having a bath or shower.
Assistance with taking your medication.
Assistance with shopping and preparing food.
Assistance with all your domestic tasks.
Assistance with your community leisure activities.
Assistance with all your Health appointments.
Assist Health Professionals with your medical care needs.
Provide quality ‘End of Life’ care.
Provision of a totally flexible care package to meet your needs.
Provide Live-in carers.
Supported living packages.
Small or large packages of care.

4. Livinghope Care staff
Have a Disclosure & Barring service certificate.
Have gone through an Interview & Recruitment selection process.
Have had a clear induction pathway.
Receive relevant mandatory care training.
Have personal development training goals.
Are friendly and committed to working in the care profession.
What happens next?
An experienced Care Manager will arrange a convenient time to meet with you.
We will discuss your care needs and how we can work together to meet them.
We will discuss the cost of your care options.
We will complete your support plan together as this will inform us how we can meet your needs.
We will introduce care staff who will provide the care.
We will review your care regularly to ensure it is working for you.
 Livinghope Health Care Ltd is a specialist Domiciliary Care Company established to provide quality service to those valued Citizens in the community who need a little extra help in order to retain their independence and continue to live home safely. We are inspired and driven by the belief that there is indeed no place like home and we endeavour to support you to enjoy the comfort of your home. The range of support we provide include Personal Care, Household duties, Live-in-Care, sitting services, Medication, Shopping and Collection of Pensions and administration of Finances. It is standard and professional practice for our member of management team to visit each Service User before commencing the service to be able to understand the individual situation so that we tailor your care plan according to your needs.  Care is provided in partnership with the Service user, relatives and relevant others. 

Our Domiciliary Care team have experience in providing dependable, trustworthy, high quality home care for private individuals, local councils and other organisations. We have high recruitment standards, we select only those care and support workers with special skills and qualities needed to provide the quality level of care that our service users expect.
Whether it’s an occasional visit for companionship and household cleaning, or daily assistance with day to day living tasks like washing, dressing and help with meals, our flexible packages are carefully customised around the specific needs of the individual service user. Whatever the frequency and level of our care staff’s involvement the Livinghope Health Care Ltd name is a guarantee that it will always be consistent, appropriate and a thoroughly rewarding experience for the service user in question.

Why not get in touch with our team on the following contact details:

Living Hope Healthcare Ltd
56 Bissell Street
Ephraim Phillips House
Saturn Business Centre
United Kingdom
B5 7HP

Mobile: +44 776 370 4852
email:[email protected]

  1. Personal Care
    We have well trained staff who can help you as a service user with your personal care needs in the comfort of your home in a dignified and respectful manner. Whether it is a strip wash, full body bath in bed or shower, our staff are ready to deliver this service to the highest standard and help with grooming and dressing.
  2. Home Help
    Our Motto `Cold Hands, Warm Heart' sums it all. At living Hope Healthcare Ltd, our staff know that there is indeed no place like home. we have well trained staff to support our service users with a variety of home help as per individual service user's requirement. The support include but is not limited to house keeping, sweeping, re-arrangement of furniture and laundry. All is done at very competitive rate, so why not take advantage.
  3. Companionship
    Living Hope Healthcare Ltd staff are highly praised of providing quality companionship to our service users. We provide well trained staff who can sit with you to meet your social needs or come for sleep in and working nights to support you during that time when you can not help yourself adequately.
  1. Marbel
    Indeed there is no place like home and `Cold hands represent the warm hearts of non other than Living Hope Healthcare Ltd Staff.
  2. Steve Atkins
    Steve Atkins
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